Walter Sanchez

Artist Statement

In 2010, I met an artist who told me, “if you want to be an artist, you need to live art.”  Despite having had my photographs displayed in various art shows, I never felt that I was a true artist.

When I decided to live art, my opinion changed about myself.  How I began to live art was through my travels.   I travelled to many countries after 2010.   Each trip that I went on: to Patagonia in Argentina, to the Amazon and the altiplanos of Peru, to the volcanoes of Costa Rica, to the jungles of Ecuador and to many other places, lead me to recognize a common thread.  What connected all these trips was the shared philosophy of life of the indigenous peoples in those countries.  My art connects me to the philosophy of these tribes.

The key to opening the door to this realization was when I participated in eleven Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru and Ecuador. After returning from my travels and being back in this reality, my lifestyle changed.  I got rid of the majority of my belongings and I focused on living a very simple life.

Because of this choice, my creativity has been allowed to flow and grow.

Who I am now as an artist harkens back to my youth when I spent years in psychotherapy and studying psychoanalysis.  All those psychoanalytical theories of the unconscious are manifesting in my current world view.   Now I am better able to  ‘read’ the messages that the world and I within myself contain.

Artist Bio

Walter E. Sanchez is originally from Argentina, but has lived and worked in the United States for 14 years. He established and is owner of, located in Sag Harbor, NY. has been serving residents of the Hamptons for the past 12 years. This website provides an online community billboard where artists and craftsmen of all kinds can post their business cards. Mr. Sanchez is proud to call Eastern Long Island home. He has volunteered at the Hampton Library in Bridgehampton, teaching the “Computers for Beginners” class and was a member of the Suffolk County Hispanic Advisory Board in 2013.

Mr. Sanchez has always thrived in an academic setting and has committed himself first and foremost to lifelong learning. His education and experiences have been eclectic and include the following: 16 years of studies at The School for Psychoanalysis and Metaphysical Studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1 year of classes at FotoClub in Buenos Aires, 3 years of coursework in medicine at The University of Buenos Aires, 3 years of studies in psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Argentina, and 2 years of various computer and language classes at Southampton College on Long Island. Mr. Sanchez also earned a certificate in Reflexology from the Open Center in New York City and has recently taken classes at The International Center for Photography in New York City.

Interview with Walter Sanchez  on  Photography

Written by Johanna Campbell

“La fotografía es mi pasión desde los 15 años. Con fotografía encontré el modo de expresar lo que aun no sé decir.”

“Photography has been my passion since I was 15 years old. With photography I found a way to express that which I don’t have words to say.”

Walter Sanchez

For Walter Sanchez, the love and exploration of photography has been a lifelong interest that began when he was a teenager. After more than three decades of practice, a hobby has blossomed into a second career. He has always been fascinated with the way that light and movement can be captured in a split second, and how the resulting still image can evoke a particular emotional or intellectual response in the viewer.
When I asked, “What fascinates you about photography?” Walter had this to say….

“Photography is one of the great artistic forms of expression of the human race. We humans change all the time; I also have been changing constantly. I find that, as I get older, I am more analytical, and that shows up in my photographs. I am always looking for the other side of the picture – the dimension beyond the picture, if you will. Not only a beautiful image, but what a picture can say to the person who is contemplating it.”

I then asked, “How have your pictures changed over the years?” Walter answered…

“We are now in the era of digital photography and that has opened up a whole new universe of creation. Some say that these days it’s easier to become a photographer because of digital technology; good equipment is accessible to everyone and darkrooms are no longer necessary. That may be true, but the skilled eye of a photographer is something that can only be developed over a lifetime. In the beginning, I used to ‘click’ non-stop without thinking. Now I try to meditate or contemplate before I ‘click.’  When I look at my own work, it’s clear that I’m not taking the same pictures with the same angles and in the same style. It makes me feel happy when I see that my photography is evolving, just as I am.”

When asked, “What makes you want to choose this now, as an additional vocation?” Walter said…

“It’s a form of expression that my soul has found to show itself. And there is no limit. I can freeze any moment in time and give my audience eternity. Plus, it’s a great excuse to travel.”

Walter chooses to photograph a wide variety of subject matters, from landscapes to people to still life, and has recently branched out into abstract work. Walter has photographed for newspapers, web design, and social events. Walter welcomes each photographic opportunity as the chance to capture a unique moment in time.

He has had five major exhibitions of his work so far:

“Versions of Paradise” in Southampton in 2005, Solar Contemporary Art/Design
“Boats/Bridges” in Easthampton in 2007, Solar Contemporary Art/ Design
“44th Annual Springs Invitational” in Springs, in August 2011, Ashawagh Hall
“Peru -Iquitos /Ayahuasca” in Bridgehampton in 2012, Hampton Library
“Unconscious Code” Be Unico Gallery in Sag Harbor, in 2013
His work is also continuously on display at his Sag Harbor office/ studio/gallery.

For more information, please visit:

Walter Sanchez